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May 31, 2017


I have never been an elite athlete.  I was a tennis player in high school (a pretty mediocre one at at that) and kept pretty active off season, running and often staying after school to do workouts with my friends. Fast Forward 10 years and I have done a lot of intermittent exercising during that decade but nothing structured and nothing consistent.

My sister and I at a Turkey Trot 5k

The summer before I got married I joined an accountability group that my sister and her friends had been using. Each week we would take turns choosing 5 pinterest workouts and sending them too the group. As soon as we completed a workout, a text would go out to the group. This was an amazing concept for me. It could be 7pm and I would be exhausted from work, just wanting to just veg out on the couch. One text from someone saying that they crushed one of their workouts always got me up and moving. That winter I became pregnant and kept up my workouts for a couple of months,  but the fatigue of pregnancy took over and I fell back into a less than active lifestyle.

I recently joined the group again and this time we are using beachbody on demand for the majority of our workouts. Now that the weather is getting nice, I would love to sneak in some outdoor runs again too!

This time around my relationship with physical activity has changed. I have never exercised for weight loss, but I was always hyperfocused on how exercise would make me look. I wanted to tone up and look lean, get rid of the “flab”…

I am feeling the non-appearance benefits to exercise on a whole new level this time. Maybe it is motherhood.. or maybe I am just at a different point in my life, but “looking” fit is much less important to me than feeling strong and healthy.


More Energy: On mornings that I decide to sleep in before work I spend half the morning feeling exhausted. Even after 2-3 cups of coffee!

Less Pain: I have had issues with my low back for several years now. Building up the strength in my core has really helped to alleviate some of that pain.

Improved Mood: I always think of the scene from Legally Blonde when Reese Witherspoon explains that “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” This could not ring more true! (let it be known  that even people who don’t exercise probably shouldn’t shoot their husbands…) After some blood pumping exercise, it is hard to not have a better outlook.

Sound Snoozing: I have been sleeping so well lately. Even when we stay up a little later than we should, I barely move from the time my head hits the pillow to when my alarm goes off. (Also made possibly by Harper sleeping through the night right now!)


These are my movement motivators, what are some of your favorite benefits of physical activity?


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