Breakfast for the Morning Hustle 

May 14, 2017

I love the morning. There is something so relaxing about being up before the rest of the world.. which I feel like I have been doing a lot lately.

Coffee aka  morning life force
For the past couple weeks:

  • 415 am: alarm clock goes off—–snooze—- because come on.. I like early but 415… ?
  • 425 am: up- eat a 1/4 a banana while putting on my tennis shoes and sipping some water.
  • 445 am: a beachbody on demand workout– I have been loving the 21 Day Fix workouts.
  • 530 am: make a pot of coffee, shower, listen to baby babble on before falling back asleep while I scramble to get ready (if I am lucky– a few days this week she felt the urge to start her day well before 6am). When it is not a hair washing day (what mom (or anyone for that matter) has time to wash their hair everyday??) I usually have time to enjoy a cup of coffee, breakfast and sneak a peak at the morning news.
  • 630am- get baby up, dressed, packed and on the way to daycare/work.

None of the above actually seems very relaxing but then there are the WEEKEND mornings

  • Up either before baby at 5 or 530 (dang internal clock) or with baby at 6. Enjoy a cup of coffee (or 3) and lounge around watching the news, floor play, or sometimes just sit in the quiet before the sun wakes everyone else up.

Weekend mornings are also prime breakfast days. The hubby often treats me on weekend mornings with breakfast- some variation of meat, eggs, toast. Last Sunday he made omelets with onions and morel mushrooms which were delish!

Let’s talk weekday breakfast: because you know.. the most important meal of the day right?

When we are scrambling to get just ourselves or ourselves and our kiddo (s) out the door on time (or 10 minutes late which is now my new “on time”) what do we even have time for?

Here are a few of my favorite quick and easy breakfasts for those busy weekday mornings:

English Muffin, avocado and hard boiled egg, a clementine or strawberries 

Whole wheat toast, ricotta cheese, a drizzle of honey

Protein shake with some fruit, fat, and fiber added to the mix!

Overnight oats

Greek yogurt and fruit

What are some of your favorite weekday breakfasts?

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