Returning from a Blog Vacation

October 31, 2017



I may have taken an unannounced blog vacation over the past 2 months.  I haven’t given up the blog, just taken a much needed break.   At the end of August I began my new job as the dietitian at a local PACE center. To say that this move was a good one is an understatement. I am challenged every day to learn something new and become a meaningful part of someone’s ongoing care. Being so satisfied in my nutrition contribution at work meant that blogging about nutrition was a little less important.

Over the past two weeks I have opened my computer, brought up my blog, and within a few minutes, closed my computer again. I miss it, but in some ways I don’t. I spent a lot of time and energy promoting my blog on social media. That part I don’t really  miss. I have only posted a handful of pictures on  instagram- my go-to social media account- since my last blog post. It has almost been freeing not posting and checking and commenting daily. On the other hand, I miss the socialization and support that I gave to friends, readers, other bloggers and I especially miss the support I received from all of those people.  I miss writing and compiling my posts. After spending quite some time on a post and seeing it come together in a meaningful compilation of my thoughts, I can’t help but feel proud. I miss that.

Over 3,000 people read my favorite post- very humbling!

The premise of this blog is nutrition, because that is what I do, what I know. My two month vacation from blogging has taught me that there is a lot more that I do and know.

I am a mother to a crazy one year old. I am a wife to a hunky hubby who works way too hard and loves even harder.  I live in a 60 something year old house that we have made a home and have big plans to renovate. I am a planning and organizing fanatic. I have way too much student debt to pay off and am trying to learn how to live frugally.  I am learning the minimalist philosophy and on a decluttering rampage (at the moment).

Long story short, I am way more than nutrition. When I brainstorm of things that I want to write about, nutrition is really only a small piece of the pie (pumpkin, please). If it is all the same to you, I think I will broaden my scope and blog about my interests other than nutrition as well. I promise my content will  be meaningful (hopefully to more people than just myself) and as nutrition is a large part of my life, it will still be present here. Thank you to anyone who stuck around during my hiatus, and to any new readers who find something useful in these pages. Welcome to Plate Half Full.

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