A Day in the Life {Mouth} of a Registered Dietitian

June 12, 2017

I am sitting in the cafeteria at lunch and some coworkers call out and poke their heads over to the table, “What are you eating over there?”  “Oh look the dietitian is eating a chicken salad sandwich!”

“Everything in moderation” I exclaim, ” this is some good stuff..”

Breakfast: Oats, chia seeds, strawberries, banana, peanut butter, and a splash of almond milk.

I am not sure if it was the mayonnaise laden chicken salad (with pecans and cranberries… so good!) or the two big slices of bread, but for some reason they were shocked that I was eating such a thing. Yes, I am a registered dietitian. I typically know without trying how many calories, how much fat, carbs and whatever else is in what I eat. And guess what? I still eat it if I want it.

veggies and hummus
Cucumber and pepper sticks dipped in hummus for a mid morning snack at my desk.

I try to listen to my body and eat the things I know will make me feel the best. Lucky for me, a love a lot of these foods. Salads, veggies, whole grains, the good fats- I truly enjoy these types of foods. Not to say that on the weekend when the hubby and I go out I also do not enjoy some fried mozz sticks, a burger and a good beer. It’s all about moderation folks!

lunch outside
Enjoyed my lunch outside: Stuffed green pepper soup, a salad and a chicken tender to go on top!

When you work at including good, whole foods into your diet, there often is not much room left for the “junk”. It is not about what you should not have—- we need to start thinking about all the good things that we SHOULD be putting into our mouths.

mid afternoon snack
Plain greek yogurt, strawberry, banana, bear naked granola and hemp seeds for a mid afternoon snack.

I never have a good answer for people when they ask me if a certain food is “bad”.  No.. that food did not break a law, that food did not say a dirty word.. that food is just doing what is should be doing.. being food.  Sure, there are some foods that we should treat as “occasion” foods or foods that we should enjoy as “treats”. These foods are not “bad” and you are certainly not “bad” for indulging in them.

pre dinner snack
pre-dinner snack: watermelon and a hard boiled egg while I fed the little one.

Does every day look like this? Nope.  Some days someone at work turns 102 and we eat cake and ice cream. Some days the hubby and I realize we have no food in the fridge and grab take out. Some days I am super stressed, sick, or my baby is sick and I barely eat half of this, or maybe I eat 2x as much as this.

Dinner: Chicken parm sliders, asparagus, and cottage cheese

My point is: Eat the foods that make you feel good. It is okay if you indulge once in awhile, or even daily (a piece of dark chocolate and peanut butter after dinner anyone???). That does not make you “bad”.  Finding those foods that taste good and make us feel good is a  delicious journey that I am pretty happy to be on.

A frosty beer with dinner.


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