8 Month Old Baby Bites

June 19, 2017

I absolutely cannot believe that Harper is now as old as I was (meant to be ) pregnant! We celebrated the 9 month milestone on Saturday, complete with the monthly picture and enjoying her favorite foods!

From the day Harper was born, it became almost an obsession for me to get her to eat and gain weight. I had to be induced 3 weeks early due to several ultrasounds in a row of her measuring the same. So at 37 weeks, we walked into the hospital and had our 5lb 3 oz baby girl. By the time we brought her home, she was weighing in at 4 lb 11 oz. Talk about a peanut.. and stressed out new parents!

Harper’s first night at home, drowning in her premie pj’s!

Now, at approx 17# ( we will find out next week at the Dr. office!) she is still small for her age, but seriously eats like a champ! Her long-and-leanness comes from her daddy, but her love of food must come from me!

During the 8 month age Harper has really taken a liking to eating by herself. Her pincer grasp is on point and she has figured out how to manipulate food so that she gags much less (it was a little excessive in the beginning hah!)

Baby girl even loves to feed herself her bottle.. with mom or dad close by of course!

See what she was eating back at 7 months by checking out this post.

new finger foods

Avocado- diced to about the size of my pinky nail.

Ground beef



Toast (Buttered-she does not seem to be sensitive to milk anymore!- or with some avocado spread on top)

Melon- watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe- diced into pieces about half the size of my pinky nail- these are not always as soft, so I tend to cut them smaller.

She has tried a taste of a pickle, lemon, and a lime and surprisingly LOVES them.

New Purees

We have tried a couple different combos for purees, although these are less and less as she likes to feed herself more and more!

Pumpkin and Apple

Green beans and Corn

I am making some of my own purees, but usually we buy the Beechnut Naturals for convenience.


how much does my 8 month old eat?

During the 8 month phase, we had somewhat of a schedule down. The babysitter followed this pretty closely as well.

Formula: 6 oz every 3-4 hours, Usually 4-5 bottles per day.

5-6am: Slice of buttered toast and banana or avocado.

7-730 am: Bottle

9 am: snack- Baby Mum Mums and/or some fruit or vegetable in her net (peppers or melon)

1030 am: Bottle

Noon: lunch. Egg or beans, 4 oz pureed vegetable.

130-230pm: Bottle

430: Dinner- Something off of our dinner plate, rice snack, fruit, or veg- dinner is always a little different!

530-630 Bottle

7-730: Bed


That is our day in a nutshell!

For Father’s Day we went out to eat with my Husband’s family and Harper ate off our plates like a champ! It was SO nice not having to spoon feed her and create a huge mess while out at a restaurant. She ate some of the taco meat off my taco salad, some rice from her dad’s rice and shrimp dinner, and a few pieces of mac and cheese.

Happy Father’s Day to the BEST Daddy <3

What are were/are some of your little one’s favorite foods around the 8 month mark?

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