Baby Bites: Foods My Baby Ate at 7 Months Old

May 14, 2017

When I hear someone say “baby food” I think of rice cereal and canned purees. “Baby bites” on the other hand sounds more appropriate for what my little one is eating right now. Lots of new foods introduced over the past two months, purees as well as a finger foods.

Baby Bites: drinking with sippy cup at 7 months
            Sippy Cup Action

So far Harper has tried and done pretty well with:









Green beans



We made a few mixes: apple broccoli puree, pear prune puree (a life saver for constipation!), blueberry banana

Finger foods:

Baby Mum Mums- broken into small pieces


Shredded chicken (we are still trying this— not a huge fan yet)


Scrambled eggs


Meet Tyson, better known as our instant                         vacuum cleaner
Questionable foods:

Sweet potatoes- This was one of the first foods I introduced Harper to. She wanted nothing to do with them over several attempts. We tried again a week or so ago and that night/next day she had quite the diaper rash– so no more sweet potatoes for at least a little while!

Buttered toast: She LOVED buttered toast. I gave it to her two times on tuesday the next couple days she was a bear- lots of whining, no naps.. I have no idea if this is related or not, but I realized towards the end of the week that I had used regular butter on her toast. When I switched her from breastmilk to formula (another post for another day) she reacted terribly to all formulas we tried until we finally tried soy formula. It is not very likely that she has a true milk allergy as her symptoms were not excessive (think diarrhea, swelling, trouble breathing)—- but it makes me nervous to try dairy too soon. I think we will try toast again next week with some good ol’ Earth Balance spread on top.


I LOVE watching her feed herself! She is always so determined and focused trying to get the goods from the tray to her mouth. It is amazing watching little minds work.

                 Peas are tricky

What were your baby’s favorite foods around the 7-8 month mark?

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      1. About a month and a half apart. Harper was born 9/17.. she’s pretty small for her age, I can’t seem to fatten her up yet!

    1. Did Harper have teeth at this point? Adler just turned 7 months last week and i started trying to let him feed himself. He is doing pretty good pickup up and putting yogurt melties (beachnut brand) in his mouth. He got the concept after he picked one up and i guided his hand to his mouth. But i’m nervous about giving him something he has to chew since i can’t exactly show him how to do that and he has zero teeth. I gave him about 1/4 of a Gerber puff (supposedly they melt fast) and he started choking on it & i had to retrieve it.

      1. Harper just got her first tooth last week. We started with the baby mum mums or munch Ems- I broke up the rice crackers into small pieces. Those dissolve too so there is much less risk. Harper did a lot of gagging. She would gag when the food was still really close to the front of her tongue, so luckily she never choked. I felt like the rice crackers did a good job of teaching her how to chew without giving me too many heart attacks haha!

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